Friday, March 7, 2014

Peoples News

Issue number 100

Contents Peoples News No. 100

P 1.  Reding says eurozone will become a federal state.

P 2. People’s Movement Protests Friday March 7th.

P 3.  German Constitutional Court finds ECB’s OMT “incompatible with primary EU law” but refers the issue to the ECJ.

P 4.  CIA provided most of European Movement funds!

P 5.  Intense Defence Industry Lobby for EU Drone Policy pays Dividends.

P 7. Brussels Laws Rubber-stamped by Oireachtas!

P 7.  Banking Union will not end bail-outs or austerity.

P 10. Flag for Austerity in Europe 2013.

P 11. An unusual insight into secret negotiations.

P 12.  Keep them in the dark regarding TTIP!

P 13. Bruton follows the line!

P 14. Secrets of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks still secret.

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