Sunday, April 24, 2011

The ECB and EU pauperising the Irish people.

The ECB and EU pauperising the Irish people.

Repudiate the debt

The press revelations of claims made by the former Finance Minister, that the European Central Bank and the European Union played the decisive role in forcing the bank bailout in the form of the bank guarantee confirm what our campaign has been saying since its foundation.

The Irish people will be forced to pay for a crisis not of their making. State assets will be sold of to pay for a debt that is not our responsibility. Generations to come of our people will have to carry a burden that is the responsibility of the
that is clearly failing and is now hopelessly mired in debt.

As this government of no hopers assembles to mark the 95th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, it now implements the same policies as the previous government which abandoned the people for the sake of German and French banks. The country's independence is all but gone,and they are incapable of asserting any resistence to or opposition to the jugernaut of the EU/ECB.

It is time for the trade union movement and all democratic opinion to shed the illusions that the EU/ECB are friends of our people or our country. We must build the campaign to repudiate this unjust, unpayable and anti-democratic debt. We once again call for a referendum on this debt, to allow the people decide.

Eoghan O'Neill

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