Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saor Eire

'Saor Éire - A gathering for socialists and republicans'

Venue- Ashling Hotel(across from Heuston Station)

Date- Saturday May 7th

The purpose of the gathering is to open debate on topics which have dominated the struggle for Independence and Socialism in Ireland in the past year as well as to have discussion

10am- The resources of Ireland for the people of Ireland? The giveaway of Irish natural and the struggle to reclaim them. Speakers include Pat O'Donnell, Maura Harrington and a rep from Dublin Shell to Sea.

11am- 'James Connolly- Idol or Ideologue for Irish Republicans'. Speakers - Aindriais O’Cathasaigh (Author) and Dr Brian Kelly (Lecturer QUB). A discussion on whether Irish Republicans only see James Connolly in terms of his involvement in the 1916 Rising or seriously use his writings and actions over his lifetime as a guide to their political commitments.

12 Noon- Fightback against EU/IMF inspired cutbacks. Speakers include éirígí's Daithí Mac An Mháistír, Pepe Gutierrez from LASC and a speaker from the trade union movement.

1pm- Lunch

1.30pm- No Queen Here! Among others Brian Leeson of éirígí and Roger Cole of PANA will take part in a discussion on the imminent arrival of the commander of British military on a state visit to Ireland and how this visit needs to be resisted.

3.30- James Connolly Commemoration

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