Sunday, April 24, 2011

McCarthy delivers as requested

Repudiate the Debt Campaign

20 April 2011

McCarthy delivers as requested

The McCarthy report has delivered what was set out by the previous Government under the tutelage of the EU and IMF. As is standard practice, they appoint the necessary people to ensure the required outcome.

The money raised from the sale of these important people’s assets will do nothing to bring down the massive corporate debt that the previous coalition imposed upon the Irish people, continued by this coalition of the hopeless.

What is required is not that state companies and assets should be sold but rather that they should form the central core of a renewed economic and social development on a more sustainable basis.

These state companies have been built over decades and have played a central role in the economic, social and intellectual life of the country and the skill basis of the economy. Their privatisation will break that basis of historical skills and the intellectual basis so central to economic development.

Eoghan O’Neill

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