Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Attacks on progressive movements in Kuwait

On the attacks against the popular movements in Kuwait

The popular movements in the Middle East continue struggling against the exploitation and aggressions performed on them by imperialism. While, the youth have broken the fear barrier believing in their power of change, even with the repression and attacks, they receive from the authorities.

In Kuwait, the youth are struggling towards democratic changes, against the revision of the constitution and the addition of non-democratic changes into it. However, an authority of kings can only understand the language of violence and aggressions against peoples’ just demands. In the previous days tens of comrades where detained after being brutally assaulted, by the authorities. The comrades were detained for raising their voice and peacefully demanding a legitimate right of democratic changes.

An authority of kings and princes, with political and economical policies mortgaging the country and peoples with imperialist interests, can never silence the people in their struggle. The youth of Kuwait are determined to struggle until democratic changes and parliament system is obtained.

WFDY demands the immediate release of the comrades, and supports the youth of Kuwait in their progressive struggle. WFDY condemns the use of violence and repression against the youth and people, by authorities that prioritize the interests of their kings with linked foreign agendas, over the benefits of its people.

January 8, 2013

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