Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Communist Youth of Mexico Celebrate

From Mexico we send a cordial greeting.

On 29 and 30 January the Communist Youth of Mexico celebrated its 8th
anniversary of life and struggle. In this time we have traveled several
times most of the country, first in the Other Campaign along with other
anti-capitalist organizations, then by various brigades that had the task of
organizing young people who no longer believe in political parties of the
bourgeoisie and they are looking for a place to develop their political

We have been with the miners' strikes Sombrerete, Taxco, Cananea and
the independent and self rescue in Pasta de Conchos. We shared the
fishing pangas Cucapa Tribe. We are adherents of the Other Campaign in
conjunction with the Zapatista National Liberation Army, the
Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Zapata and Villa live, Socialist
Workers Unity among others.

The Communist Youth of Mexico has lived two elections where the
bourgeoisie proposed several candidates for president, in the two
processes, the 2006 and 2012, showed that the political system is a sham,
a pretense of democracy, where the public and private money flows in
abundance. In both processes has been said that there has been a fraud.
These two examples only give us right when we say that the Mexican
political system is in decline and no longer meets the minimum forms of
bourgeois democracy and so we decided not to participate or vote in the
elections or otherwise.

That's why our political line is still to break with the system, rebellion
against established policy and the struggle for Socialism as a proposal to
change our country.

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