Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Socialist Voice Out Now!!!

Get your copy at and blog it, facebook it and share it with your friends.

  • Make 2013 the year of resistance! [EMC]
  • To the working people of Ireland: New Year statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
  • Back to the future [EMC]
  • The Baltic Ireland? [COM]
  • What’s good for business . . . [NL]
  • Capitalist automation and social dislocation [NC]
  • Marching into a cul-de-sac [PW]
  • Gatherings of socialist republicans—a small beginning
  • The gambling business: “a statement of confidence in Ireland and its people”! [BG]
  • Se├ín Redmond (1936–2012) [PW]
  • Joe Deasy (1922–2013) [TR]
  • Frank Conroy Commemoration
  • The South African revolution betrayed [TMS]
  • Mind your language [RCN]
  • A worker reads and asks questions [Bertolt Brecht]
  • Letter: Symbolic hunger strike by Bangladeshi garment workers

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