Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cypriot Independence Day

Statement of the C.C. of AKEL, 30th September 2013, Nicosia
The Cypriot people honour the 1st October, the Independence Day of the Republic of Cyprus. Many years of struggles full of sacrifices by our people led to the foundation of the independent Republic of Cyprus, an independence which although shackled by the London-Zurich Agreements, was a great gain for Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots which we as a people should have utilised for our country's progress and prosperity. Unfortunately foreign conspiracies and interventions, nationalism-chauvinism and the traitorous subversive activity of the extreme-right brought new sufferings and adventures. The climax of these foreign conspiracies and of the betrayal committed was the coup d'├ętat executed by the junta of Greece and the EOKA B organization, followed by the Turkish invasion and occupation which is still continuing.

In the 53 years of an independent existence and despite the adversities and tragic adventures, Cyprus has achieved progress in all areas of the economy, growth, the welfare state and culture; progress due primarily our people's hard work and struggles. The mark of the Left is impossible to erase from all these struggles and gains of the Cypriot people, of the working people in particular.

Since 1974, we are fighting to end the given situation of the occupation, liberate and reunify our country and people and to build a happy and safe future for all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins. For AKEL, the goal remains unwavering. We are struggling for a solution within the framework of the United Nations resolutions and the High-Level Agreement that will be in line and comply with International and European Law. We are seeking a bi-zonal bi-communal federal solution with political equality, as defined in the UN resolutions; for a solution providing for a united single state with a single sovereignty, a single international personality and a single citizenship; for a solution that will restore and safeguard the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots. At the same time we are struggling to achieve the full verification of the fate of our missing persons.

This year's Independence Day finds us on the verge of a new effort to solve the Cyprus problem. A necessary precondition to arrive at a successful end result is for Turkey to change its policy. All those within the international community proclaiming that the time has come for a solution of the Cyprus problem must focus their attention on Turkey changing its policy. AKEL as always behaving responsibly, will support the new effort provided that it will move forward based of the principles of the solution of the Cyprus problem that have been collectively set out long ago. We reiterate that the upcoming talks will have more chances to succeed if they make use of what had been agreed at the Christofias - Talat talks. We do not of course hide our concern over some positions upheld by President Anastasiades which raise many questions. We expect to be fully informed and will judge the new effort from the course it will take and its results .

Independence Day finds Cyprus yet another year in the midst of the unprecedented crisis of capitalism. The criminal mistakes of banking capital and of the supervisory authority exacerbated to the maximum extent the crisis and its impact on Cyprus. The Eurogroup - Anastasiades decisions did not rescue the Cyprus economy. Quite the opposite, they led Cyprus to the brink of catastrophe. The recession is deepening and unemployment is rising at a fast pace, SMBs are being decimated, people are falling into poverty day by day, working people's social gains and of the people in general are being abolished and the welfare state is being dismantled. The Anastasiades government's and coalition parties responsibilities are enormous given that they insist there is no alternative other than the Memorandum.

AKEL once again stresses that there is no salvation within the Memorandum. An exit strategy from the Memorandum is imperative. Unfortunately, the government and the coalition parties do not have the political will to undertake such a responsibility because among other things they share the same philosophy as the Troika which wants to level everything in the name of neo-liberalism.

AKEL will continue to struggle with all its strength to defend the gains of our people, especially of working people and for an exit from the crisis with the least possible cost for the popular strata. It will continue to fight against privatizations, the abolition of the welfare state and all those policies that lead to impoverishment. It will continue to support social solidarity and the most vulnerable groups of the population. AKEL will continue to forge political and social alliances, aiming to formulate conditions to bring about a different socio-economic path.

The 1st October belongs to the people of Cyprus as a whole. AKEL on the occasion of Cyprus Independence Day addresses a patriotic greeting to all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites , Armenians and Latins. It calls on all the Cypriot people to wage a common struggle for the salvation of our common country so that Cyprus can enjoy the benefits of peace, security and progress.

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