Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government shutdown and their game designed to turn us against ourselves

By Les Blough, Editor. Axis of Logic
Axis of Logic
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013
For many years we have seen the US corporate media depict government workers as lazy, inefficient and overpaid sowing enmity and envy among the people. When talking about quality of work, jokes are repeated among non-government workers like, "good enough for government work" and other workers are made to feel envious of the reasonable working hours and benefits afforded to government workers - benefits like health care, paid holidays and adequate vacation time -  benefits that are the right of every human being not "privileges." Public school teachers working for the states are portrayed as "only working 9 months out of the year" with additional paid vacation time on holidays, never mentioning their low salaries, oversized classes and class preparation time that takes them long into the night. The corporate media places great emphasis on issues of racism, crime, abortion, gay rights & marriage, gun control, long waits in understaffed bureaucracies, loyalties to the Republican & Democratic parties (we all know by now that they're the same beast with two heads) and other "hot button" issues that play on the emotions, strife, envy and hatred. 
This strategy is designed to divide ordinary citizens in the US against ourselves and take attention away from $trillion dollar illegal wars; evaporating respect by countries and peoples worldwide; the buildup of the police state; the bailouts for Wall Street, investment banks and private corporations; the decline of the dollar; the private corporation deceptively called "The Federal Reserve" madly printing paper to cover the robbery of the national treasury; the loss of the US manufacturing base; massive unemployment; foreclosures of homes; loss of health care, pension funds and quality education - and the general collapse of the US economy. 
Federal government employees are like any other workers; they get up in the morning, go to work in thousands of different capacities such as administration, office management, standing behind counters all day to serve our needs, hard hats working public utilities, running the National Park service, post offices, environmental agencies such as NOAA, science and technical work and many other areas. Many worked hard for their education and had to go into debt with student loans to obtain it. They put in a full 8 hours minimum each day and I personally know federal employees who put much more time into their work. Of course some workers in any industry or for the government work harder than others. That's the human condition. But the work ethic among the great majority of government workers is no different than mine or yours. They too have mortgages & utilities to pay; heating oil to buy in the colder climates of the north, big electric bills, moreso in warmer climates where air conditioning has become a necessity; groceries to buy and families to feed; children to care for; medical co-pays; insurance premiums; car payments & repairs; high cost gasoline for traveling and all the normal household necessities of daily life like the rest of us.
We as US citizens have a responsibility to oppose the malfeasance in all 3 branches of the US government and both political parties. Listening for five minutes to Obama, the senators and members of the House put on their wild nonsensical shows of feigned anger, sadness and disappointment is not only annoying, it's self-destructive and a waste of your time. We the people are obliged to support government workers, grateful for their service. Let's not buy into the state-controlled corporate media's tactics by putting government workers down. Let's hold the real culprits responsible. Stop voting for them!
This government shutdown is not about Obamacare or the size of government or the "deficit ceiling" as they would have us believe. Meanwhile, brainless yapping "anchors" like Wolf Blitzer, Jim Clancy, Michael Holmes, Jonathan Mann, Ben Wedeman, Becky Anderson, Richard Quest, Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, Pierce Morgan and the "heroic" Anderson Cooper with the rest on CNN and other big business networks interview their "experts," expressing "concern" about the real people and going on with their excited prattle like a flock of magpies on a manure pile while eating the same shit.
Let's pull together and lift up these government workers during this time when the political mafia in Washington tries to bring an "austerity program" to the United States as they have done in Greece and other European countries.
Support the federal workers, not the politicians, corporations and banks.

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