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Mass Youth Festival in Greece - KNE

Photos form the KNE festival in Greece:


The activities of the 39th Festival of KNE and its newspaper, Odigitis, came to a climax with a truly mass rally in the Central Scene in the Tritsis Park in the working class neighbourhoods of Western Athens and with the speech of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, which was held on Saturday (21/9/2013). Theodoris Chionis, Secretary of the CC of KNE, also addressed the rally.

The Festival was completed with a mass of people filling all the scenes with political discussion as well as the musical performances, following a particularly rich programme on the third day. Tens of thousands of workers, young friends of the KKE and KNE visited this year the most mass political-cultural youth festival in the country.

In his speech, the GS of the CC of the KKE, cde Dimitris Koutsoumpas, noted amongst other things: “Today we advance even stronger, more dynamically, more combatively! Armed with the decisions of our 19th Congress. With our unanimously approved new Programme which charts the only realistic revolutionary line of struggle, which leads the working class, the people, the youth of the popular families in the struggle to claim, to conquer and construct their own higher society, without the exploitation of man by man (…) we hurl ourselves in the struggle to revive, to regroup and for the rising up of the labour and people’s movement, in an anti-monopoly-anti-capitalist line, more experienced and battle-ready.

We hurl ourselves into battle to strengthen the KKE and KNE, to reinforce them, so that the party can fulfill its vanguard mission and role in all conditions, in any difficulties and changes, and turning points in the struggle, an “all-weather” party, rooted in the places of work, education, training, in the popular neighbourhoods, in the countryside which is suffering.”

In reference to SYRIZA, D. Koutsoumpas noted: “ We do not imitate, we do not steal slogans, positions,  so that we can use them whenever, wherever and however it is convenient for us only to distort them , to deprive them of their revolutionary popular content, in order to serve them up reheated, in order to make an impression.

We are not going to become like other political parties, in order to become larger or smaller components of the new two pole system which is being built, with all the old damaged material of the old two party system, which we knew well for many years now, both in regards today’s government, and regarding the belated new social-democrats , who are demonstrating more and more on a daily basis that they hold nothing sacred, even if they know that sooner or later the people themselves who are giving them a period of grace and are trying them out, will very soon reveal how tragically they have been deceived once again.

(…) What model of economic management will lead more rapidly to the much desired recovery, to high rates of capitalist growth? The one proposed by sections of mainly US capital or the one proposed by sections of mainly German capital and their supporters in Europe and Greece?

This is the basic content of the confrontation between ND and SYRIZA: over what recipe, what formula, what model of economic management of the crisis is the most effective.

The confrontation between them expresses the confrontation between sections of capital that are seeking a way out of the crisis, a recovery of their capitalist profitability. For this reason the two formulas and their vehicles are being promoted in the mass media.”

In reference to the recent murder of the 34 year old by the fascists of Golden Dawn he noted: “The recent events with the cold blooded murder of the young lad in Keratsini, the murderous attack against members of the KKE in Perama by the Nazi Golden Dawn reveals more widely to the people, in a tragic way, its real character.

The criminal and murderous activity of Golden Dawn is aimed at intimidating the workers and the youth.

It has grown bold due to the multifaceted support provided to it by the rotten capitalist system and the big business interests, which created it and nourish it, so that it can attack those who struggle and stand up for their rights.

We have said it many times, and we will repeat it here today: It is a mafia-style, criminal organization of killers and neo-nazis and they must be dealt with as fascists, neo-nazi criminals by everyone.
The people and the youth have the strength to stop the murderous activity of the Nazis.
The workers’ trade unions, the mass organizations in the cities and countryside, the People’s Committees can isolate the cowardly murderers of Golden Dawn and protect the people from their poison and criminal activity. We must throw them out of the popular neighbourhoods, the schools, the workplaces, the mass organizations.

We must strengthen the people’s alliance in order to end the activity of the Nazis and the system that nourishes them.

There is the criminal legal framework in order to deal with criminal acts of the Nazi Golden Dawn.
Such measures should have been taken a long time ago.

Fascism is born from the womb of capitalism’s decay. The final and complete eradication of the fascists from the face of the earth will happen through the people’s struggle and alliance aimed at the overthrow of the system that breeds the Nazis. This is the path, this is the direction the struggles of the labour and people’s movement must have.

The developments fully bear out the position of the party that Golden Dawn is the creation of the capitalist system.” D. Koutsoumpas concluded.

This year in the rich programme of the Festival, there were discussions about the problems of the working class, the youth, multifaceted athletic and cultural activities were held, concerts with well-known and amateur artists while over the three days essential products, food and clothing were gathered in order to strengthen the working class solidarity with the working class and popular families that are suffering.

This year the International Area of the Festival also was of special interest. Delegations form 24 youth organizations participated with stalls and their materials in order to discuss with visitors to the Festival about the experiences from the struggle of the youth in their countries.
A discussion was also held on the second day of the Festival on the topic “Their war kills whatever their peace left standing”, with as its speaker Elisseos Vagenas, member of the CC of the KKE and responsible for the International Relations Section of the CC.

A meeting was also held with as its topic: “Solidarity with socialist Cuba”, with the Cuban Ambassador to Greece, Osvaldo Martinez. In a warm atmosphere, in a meeting for solidarity with socialistCuba, in the International Area of the Festival, KNE  received an honorary medal from the Ambassador of Cuba on behalf of the Union of Young Communists of Cuba due of KNE’s contribution to the promotion of the solidarity of the Greek youth with the island of the revolution.

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