Wednesday, October 16, 2013

International Solidarity Scores a Big Victory

Sudanese authorities succumb to pressures and forced to release hundreds of detainees,

International Solidarity Scores a big victory,

The struggle to release all political detainees continue,

Dear Comrades,

The struggle of our people, coupled with international solidarity, as well as the steadfastness of the detainees, has forced the Sudanese authorities to release hundreds of detainees. However, there are still hundreds languishing in the detention centres, especially young people. The struggle for the release of detainees must continue till all of them are freed.

It is with great satisfaction that we inform all fraternal parties that the leaders of our party, Alkinain, S. Yousif and others were among those released. We hail this victory as a victory for our people and international solidarity.

On this important turning point, the Sudanese Communist Party, and the entire democratic movement, pledge to continue the struggle till the final victory. We shall continue on the path enriched by the blood of the hundreds of martyrs who willingly gave their lives to the noble cause of national and social liberation of our people.

Our Party, its membership and leadership, will continue the struggle, in accordance with the guide lines laid down by the meetings of the Central Committee to mobilise the people, to help establish the best possible alliance to overthrow the regime and establish the democratic alternative.


Bureau of International Relations

Sudanese Communist Party

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